Saturday, 29 August 2009

The best thing that happened today was signing contracts with our new housemate Jeff, who will move in on Tuesday. I've been looking for a housemate for a few weeks, so it's good to have it sorted, and it's exciting to have someone new living with us!
This was on top of waking up to sunshine, a copy of the Research's most recent album through the post (finally got over the fact that keyboards had been replaced with guitars, and was pleasantly surprised with what I heard), a wonderful boyfriend who goes and gets the Guardian for me on a Saturday, and homemade banana bread and cafetiere coffee for breakfast.


  1. new housemate? wow - i've been outta the loop too long!

  2. Yeah, it's gonna be me, Oliver and Jeff from Tuesday! Happy times ahead hopefully :)

    When are you off back to America? You're welcome to come round and wow me and Oliver with tales of the USA either before or after your return x