Thursday, 29 October 2009

The best thing that happened today was managing to build a fire all by myself this evening, outside in my chimnea. I got home from work at four, so spent an hour tidying the front and back garden; mowing the lawn (hopefully for the last time this year!), sweeping up all the leaves, checking on my winter-flowering pansies (about two thirds of the the plugs I potted on have survived) and then I treated myself to a fire with some of the wood I have in my back garden from various tree pruning endeavors of the last few months. It took me three attempts (and I nearly gave up, as I didn't have any firelighters and I am a novice) but I finally managed to build a glorious fire! Whilst I'm sure I must have built fires before as a Scout, or laying the stove when I lived at home, this is the first time I can remember doing this all by myself. I propose regular fires in my back garden from now on, and may even progress to baking potatoes in the embers.

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