Saturday, 21 November 2009

The best thing that happened today has already happened, and it's only 10.50am! I just got an email from a French musician called Milkymee ( telling me that she's written a song inspired by my zine, and it's on her new album...!!!
Milkymee/Emi wrote, 'Hello! I m a french musician called Milkymee and I wrote a song called "Colouring outside the lines". It was inspired by your zine. And it's a love song!' How bloody lovely is that!? She also wants to meet up with me while she's visiting the UK, but the dates and locations are all wrong.
I'm feeling so flattered this morning. Some people are just *too* nice and entirely too good to me. It's sure given me the burst & push of energy I needed though to try and push forward with the new COTL project I'm working on.

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