Thursday, 5 March 2009

The best thing that happened today was my super-productive lunch hour.

I went to an "International Women's Day" event, and whilst I was there I had a piece of cake, and got a free "crystal dip" therapy where I had to put my hand into a bag of tumblestones and pick one that spoke to me but without looking at them. I picked rose quartz, which the lady told me suggests I maybe need to spend time taking care of myself/ nurturing/ healing/ unconditional-self-loving, which in turn will bring these things towards me from other people. This was so totally right, and nothing could have been more accurate (literally, nothing) and it seemed like the universe was sending me such a blatant sign to confirm what I had been suspecting already, that I bought a piece of rose quartz to carry around with me to remind me of this. It is in my pocket now.

Still at the same event, I chatted to another stallholder (feminist flyers and leaflets and posters) I recognised from other feminist events, who I had always been slightly wary of due to the generational gaps between her and my feminism (1st wave/3rd wave) and the issues that often spring up when the two try and discuss issues/meet in the middle. But I was bold and introduced myself, and said I recognised her, and was talking to her about posters and flyers that would be good for politicising the spaces we often use for events. And she was so helpful, suggesting websites I could order resources from, posters that were free to print off that I came away feeling totally psyched.

I then still had time to drop off posters and flyers at the record shop for an upcoming gig I am playing/organising, picked up a copy of a zine I hadn't see before that looked pretty good, before coming back to the office for homemade soup that my housemate had saved for me from the night before.

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