Sunday, 1 March 2009

The best thing that happened today was completely unexpected, which is what made it so lovely. I am suffering an *epic* hangover, exacerbated by a lack of sleep (an hour's worth, on a rail replacement bus service, at 5am this morning) and memories of drunken conversations that I can't resolve and a heart that hurts every time someone prods it, and I had to leave the house after an already hectic day because we had run out of catfood.
On my way out, on the doormat, I found a hand-delivered envelope addressed to me. It was a note, with the words "THANK YOU EMILY" written in big letters and then in smaller letters is said "thank you for having me over last tuesday, your pancakes were great". For a day that was looking to be a complete write-off, I now feel slightly cheered up. Never doubt the pleasure someone will get from receiving an unexpected letter.

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