Saturday, 28 March 2009

The best thing that happened today was writing for two hours with a pen on paper.

I know that this sounds mildly ridiculous to state as my 'best thing' of today, but it was kinda amazing. I do all my work on my computer, but I also know that my huge struggles with procrastination come from the fact that I'm on my computer... "ooh, I'll just check my emails", "ooh, I'll just nip onto facebook", "ooh, I'll just read some blogs", and before I know it I've passed hours away that I was meant to be spending writing.

So tonight I took myself away from the computer, with a notebook and pen, and was *so* productive. Yes, I ended those two hours with cramp in my hand from feverishly writing, and a swollen finger from gripping the pen to hard, and resting it on that finger (I am clearly hella out of practice), but I got so much done that it's almost a relief.

It's odd, at the time of me being at school I spent all my time writing by hand, as it was only by my second year at University that people got computers, and that typed assignments were required to be submitted over hand-written ones. I used to write reams and reams by hand. And it's alarming now to know just how overwhelming the use of word-processing is in my life; from everything from to-do lists, to zines, to letters, to writing articles and chapters for publication.

It felt so good today to break free from the worryingly obsessive cycle of procrastination and return to my hardworking luddite roots!

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