Saturday, 21 March 2009

The best thing that happened today was reading somebody's passion. For the most part, [partly due to medication that numbs my ability to emote, and partly due to the loss of the fiercest communicators I knew (due to geographical distance)], I have been lacking a lot of passionate influence in my life; people who opine with fervour about that which is important to them/me/us, and spark a fire in my brain that makes me engage with the world and people, and importantly, the thinking part of my brain.

Today I read a blog post that not only put a lot of this into perspective for me (does spending so much time working/working online and less time engaging face to face have something to do with my decrease in passionate connection with ideas, &/or my current lack of opinion? Where did my fire for seeking out new obsession and interests go?), but in its very wording it also evoked an understanding in me.
Tobi's writing, her intelligent passionate thoughts, views, and communication identified with something inside me that had been lacking - a sense of hearing somebody speak with an understanding and with a sensibility that I couldn't help *but* be moved by.

So much in my life these days has become day-to-day, mundane, scripted, unadventurous, conservative, pedestrian (due in part to medication, and due to those things I do/don't socially participate in (anymore)), so much so that I bore myself. It never used to be this way. I needed that shot of passion, and enthusiasm, and wish to make things known, to remind me of who I am. To feel present. For a moment I had caught myself not giving a damn - on a mindless plateau, and I'm realising with help from enthusiasm, strong inteligent opinion and well crafted discussion by others that I'm not satisfied.

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