Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The best thing that happened today was bicycle & tricycle related. I came home from work to find my housemates Kate and Dave outside in the sunshine fixing Kate's new Pashley bicycle. I brought my bike out and they helped me fix the puncture on the back tyre, and then we realised that the square bicycle basket that came with Kate's bike, but that she was no longer using, would look *perfect* on the back of my trike. I've been looking for a box or crate to put on the trike for a while, and this wicker basket was just the thing. So Dave cable tied that on to the tricycle for me whilst I went inside to get tea and cake for us to have in the sunshine. Whilst I was inside I saw I had some post, and it was this gorgeous bicycle necklace I treated myself to last week.

Then I went out on my tricycle on a glass bottle retrieval mission. At the weekend, on my way between various places, I had spotted several bags of empty beer bottles (mix of green and brown, different sizes) dumped on a patch of grass by the wayside. This was just what I needed, as I am collecting beer bottles to put round the edge of my vegetable patches to create a border, but I drink bottled beer so infrequently that it was taking forever to collect enough. So me and my trike not only helped clean up a local green spot, we also got bottles to make my garden even prettier! Then my cycle ride home through the park at night, with PJ Harvey on my headphones, made an amazing end to an already great evening.

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  1. what a great story and a BEAUTIFUL necklace!!